Why does your church exist in 10 words or less?

Leaders know that “words create worlds.”  Part three of Church Unique, shifts from focusing on vision content to word choice.  Why doesn’t vision stick?  To be contagious vision must be robust without sacrificing brevity. Some leaders only stab at the future with a few nifty slogans. Others articulate a theological treatise that acts with the potency of NyQuil. That’s where the Vision Frame comes in. Packed with illustrations, part three walks step by step through the Vision Frame offering practical helps and inspiration for you and your team. The following page from the book shows the operating definitions of the five components of the frame. Each part is interpreted from a missional orientation as it answers one of the five irreducible questions of leadership.

A Framework For Missional Vision


What is your vision today?

One significant contribution of part three is the the development of Vision Proper as “missional mountaintop + milestones.”  Here vision is uncaged from the typical vision statement that becomes a “lofty one-liner” or an “eloquent page dump,” rather than a living language.   Part three concludes with a vision casting spider diagram that will be a standard preparation and evaluative tool for visionary leaders for years to com

What Leaders Can Learn From Postmen