What can your church do better than 10,000 others?

Is it possible that God has a special calling for your church? For decades, books have targeted the revitalization of the church’s commitment to the Great Commission.  In part two, Church Unique pushes the envelope.  The challenge is given to leaders to discover their “Great Permission” within the Great Commission. Or to put in another way, how does your church glorify God and make disciples? The answer is your church’s Kingdom Concept.

At first blush this question of the Kingdom Concept may seem difficult to answer.  For this reason, part two begins by addressing the essential nature of clarity.  What is clarity and where does it come from?  What are the prerequisites in a leader’s life for clarity to be achieved?  Why is it true, as Marcus Buckingham asserts, that “clarity is the occupation of the effective leader.”

As part two develops, vision is placed in a biblical context for a missional audience. Treatment is given to God’s role as the Chief Visionary and the leader’s identity as a “single domino” in the long chain of redemptive movement- from the utopia of Genesis 1-2 to the new utopia of Revelation 21-22.  One chapter encourages leaders to “tap” into visionaries past and present for motivation and inspiration as they discover their own vision.  Leaders can and should embrace clarity with passion and boldness because missional thinking nurtures humility when vision is put in its biblical context.

The culmination of part two is the overview of the Kingdom Concept, a tool for ascertaining vision.  The Kingdom Concept is a simple diagram with three overlapping circles:


In two chapters, the Kingdom Concept is supported and illustrated, with questions and exercises that equip teams for robust collaboration.

Why Doesn’t Vision Stick?