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Sample Chapter

Part One of Church Unique begins by challenging us to rethink how we think about vision. Download Chapter 1 – Unoriginal Sin to read why Max Lucado says, “If you are ready to roll up your sleeves and seek the uniqueness of God’s presence in your fellowship, this is your tool.”


Branding Examples

Your BRAND is the perception of your organization that lives in the minds of your audience. 

Every interaction your audience has with your church or organization forms thoughts, feelings, and perceptions in their minds. In this understanding of a brand, everything speaks—business cards, your website, words and posture, and interaction with volunteers and staff. All of these things contribute to your audiences’ perceptions of you. 

Learn more by downloading Auxano's Brand Process Guide.


The Clarity Quiz

The Clarity Quiz poses The Pastor’s Make or Break Questions so you can assess your vision clarity. How clear is your vision?


Why Use Navigator?

There is a season when God prepares a leader’s heart or a congregation to bring a strategic outsider in as a coach-consultant.  Is it time for you to invest in the Vision Pathway?


Q&A with Will Mancini

Will Mancini talks about the Vision Pathway Process.  How is it different from others who talk about vision?


Church Unique Foreword By Max Lucado

“Uniqueness permeates God’s plan. From galaxies to sandbanks, fossils to snowflakes, each element is unique. Why would we expect Him to act differently with His church?”  In his foreword to the book, Max Lucado shares why Church Unique is not a one-size-fits-all approach to a healthy church.


Sources of a Malnourished Identity

In the absence of a compelling vision, people will find alternate sources of identity.  Are your people nourished with a purpose that is expressed through a unique vision?



Thinkholes are the six common hazards that inhibit thoughtful leadership.  Are there any Thinkholes that are holding you back from uncovering your unique vision?


The Vision Frame – Five Irreducible Questions

Developing your Vision Frame may be the most significant strategic step you take in your ministry career.  Can you answer the Five Irreducible Questions of Leadership with stunning clarity?


The Spider Diagram

Once you have uncovered your Vision Proper, you need to “talk it up” by painting a vivid picture with story and metaphor.  What are the six essential vision casting ingredients that must be said when articulating your vision?